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Pipe Thawing - Frozen Pipes

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Precision Plumbing & Drain Cleaning knows that when it comes to frozen pipes, reaction time is critical.  Damage from frozen pipes can cause a disaster.   A burst pipe can spill 4-8 gallons of water a minute into your Connecticut/New York home or office and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage in mere minutes.  Aside from the initial damage caused by a burst pipe, mold is a secondary problem that can cost even more money.  



Ideally, you should aim to prevent frozen and burst pipes in your home or business.  You can reduce the possibility of a frozen or burst pipe by followings these simple steps:


  1. Locate and identify any and all shut off valves in your home and make sure that they work.  Always know where the main water valve is and how to operate it.

  2. Be aware that some pipes may be more vulnerable to freezing than others based on their location (pipes on outside walls, ceiling, crawl spaces, attics).

  3. Seal any gaps around the home where cold air may enter and come in contact with pipes. In severe cold temperatures, even a tiny opening can let in enough cold air to cause a pipe to freeze.  Dryer vents, windows, cable penetrations are all areas where cold air can enter the home.

  4. Turn off and drain all standard outside hose bibs when the temperature is expected to drop.

  5. In any sink with pipes on an outside wall, turn on both the hot and cold water faucet and leave a gentle drip trickling. 

  6. Seal off any crawl space vents that may be around the foundation.

  7. Keep the tempature in your house warm.


If you have a frozen pipe:



  1. The first sign of a frozen pipe will appear when you run water through a faucet in your home.  You'll experience a reduced flow or zero flow at a fixture.

  2. Turn off the main water valve to the house and leave the faucets open/on.

  3. The easiest way to do this is with two people.  One person to turn on the water very slowly and the other checking all the open fixtures to ensure that no water is running.

  4. In order to address the frozen pipe in a safe, effective manner and prevent against thousands of dollars in damage, call your plumber!  Never use an open flame, electric heater or hair dryer to try and thaw the frozen pipe.  There is serious danger.  Precision Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is equipped with the tools to thaw out frozen pipes.  It takes controlled levels of heat and time to thaw frozen pipes.

  5. Once a freeze occurs, we'll work with you to find the source and correct any issue so that you won't experience the frozen pipe again.  A pipe that freezes one year without bursting, is more likely to actually burst if it freezes again.  

  6. NOTE: when all water is shut off to your house, it may affect any fire protection system that you have in your home.  


If you leave your home in the winter:


  1. If your home remains unoccupied during the winter, you should take precautions to prevent a frozen pipe.  Turn the main water valve off to your home, UNLESS you have hot water or steam heat, in which case the water must remain on even when the house is unoccupied.  If you have hot water or steam heat, you must arrange for someone to stop by and do frequent checks of your home while you're away.

  2. Leave the heat on to the house and set no lower than 60 degrees.  

  3. Arrange for someone to stop by your home daily, especially when the temperatures are in the 20s or below.



If you are a Connecticut or New York homeowner, in Danbury or beyond, count on Precision Plumbing & Drain Cleaning to deliver the best plumbing solutions to your plumbing problems.  If you have a want to prevent a frozen or burst pipe, or if you are dealing with a frozen pipe that needs to be thawed, let us be there to help you!  Call 203-917-3584.


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